Some lawns are easy to look after and maintain – keeping them in order is never a problem.  However, from time to time lawns do suffer from issues.  Some common lawn problems your lawn may suffer from include:

Moss will always be a problem on British lawns – damp cold winters ensure that moss is never far away.  However, some lawns suffer more than others, especially lawns which sit in the shade for much of the day, lawns laid on clay soil, or those with heavy thatch.  You can rake the moss out yourself, but this will not solve the problem.  At LawnOrder, we will recommend a series of treatments that, although not eradicating moss altogether, will certainly help toward reducing it.

Red Thread
A common fungal disease which causes unsightly brown decaying patches of lawn.  It normally occurs when humidity is high, or the lawn is in poor condition. Usually, a simple treatment can solve the issue, although in serious cases a fungicide treatment may be recommended.

Insect Infestation
Be on the lookout for lawns which suddenly appear to be attracting more than passing interest from birds (and badgers in some areas).  Often this can be a sign that the lawn has been visited by unwanted guests – very often Leatherjackets or Chafer Grubs. There is nothing to worry about, but if you think your lawn is infected it is a good idea to get it checked out as soon as possible.  A series of treatments may be required to solve these problems.

Thankfully, serious problems are not that common, but at LawnOrder, our operatives are trained to identify problems, and offer recommendations to alleviate the problems – please bear in mind that some issues cannot be cured.  Moss, for example, will never be completely eradicated from a wet, shady lawn, but we can help. Ask us for more details.

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