Important Information

It’s a scary time and I know many of us are feeling vulnerable, and anxious.  As a result, your lawn is probably not high on your list of priorities.
However, I wanted to let you know what we are doing, and to offer some assistance.
At LawnOrder we intend to carry on treating lawns, and cutting grass, until we are told to stop.  Grass is going to keep growing, and if most of us have to isolate, we might as well have a nice lawn to look at.
However, we are going to have to make some changes to the way we work.
From now on, I will not be knocking on your door when I arrive – please don’t be offended or feel the need to come and say hello – and if you do, you must keep your distance.  This is to protect you.  A wave through the window is always welcome!!  
Ideally payments on-line would be preferable, but I know this isn’t always possible, so please put cash or cheque in a bag or envelope and leave it for me – if you need change I will leave it in the same bag for you. 
Your continued support for small businesses like mine is very much appreciated but if you feel you need to postpone treatments, I do understand.
Also, if you are reasonably local (Mold, Mynydd Isa, Buckley) and you need anything – especially any older customers who are isolating – I am happy to pick things up and deliver things to you – so please drop me a text if there is anything I can do to help. (07342 648503). Shopping can always be left on the doorstep if you need some. Don’t get lonely – it’s not good for you!!
Please stay safe, follow direction and I hope we will see each other soon.


Best Wishes