It’s that time of year again when the weather warms up, the nights get a bit lighter and we survey the damage that the Moss Monster has caused over the winter. Days of endless rain, a lack of sunlight, and cold temperatures ensure that moss becomes thick, heavy, and unsightly.

Grass struggles to grow through the moss, so lawns look weak, and the colour is all wrong.

That’s why we are now inundated with requests for aeration and scarification, to relieve compaction in the lawn, to reduce thatch, and control the moss. Some lawn treatment companies aerate and scarify over the winter (in terms of generating money, it’s the sensible thing to do). At LawnOrder, we never scarify in December and January – cash flow is tight, but the lawns simply cannot recover well when they are scarified at the wrong time. For more information on these services, please follow the link

So we are starting again next week – we have a lot to get through and we are praying for some warm, dryer weather.

Then our spring feed commences in early March and we will be starting mowing again as soon as the weather warms up.

It feels good to be revving up again.