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At LawnOrder we do not believe that one size fits all when it comes to lawn care – a sandy lawn requires different treatment to one which is laid on clay, or suffers from drought, or gets very wet – our free survey will analyse your lawn, and recommend a series of treatments to make it look better.

Weed and Feed
Our weed and feed products are professionally applied by fully licensed operatives. Each operative is fully trained to explain your treatments, recognise issues, and recommend accordingly.

Unlike most lawn treatment companies (who feed & weed the lawn and then leave you to look after it), at LawnOrder we also offer a complete maintenance programme. Want stripes on your lawn?  We can help you achieve that with our professional mowing and edging service – see our silver and gold badges for further details.

Lawn Problems
From time to time, lawns suffer from various issues and problems that need addressing. Our operatives are fully trained and able to identify and address all common lawn problems. See our Lawn Problem page.


What is Lawn Aeration?
During the growing season, it is natural for a lawn to develop a layer of thatch – this is simply organic matter which acts like a mat on the soil surface, stopping water from getting into the soil, and offering a good home for moss to grow.  Aeration is the process of punching thousands of holes in the thatch to relieve compaction and reduce thatch, thereby reducing moss.

Does my lawn need Aerating?
Your LawnOrder technician will take a number of core samples from the lawn and check the depth of the thatch. We will then advise you if your lawn needs aerating.

How often should a lawn need Aerating?
As with all services and treatments we offer, LawnOrder only recommends Aeration when the lawn needs it.  Many customers will have their lawn aerated as part of their annual treatment programme.

Will you collect the cores?
When possible, LawnOrder will collect the cores and bag them for you to dispose of.  However, if the ground is particularly wet we may leave them on the lawn.  This will have no adverse effect and will break down over time.

Will LawnOrder Scarifiy and Aerate on the same day?
Usually we will do that, however, we will be led by the conditions on the day.


What is scarification?
Scarification is the name given to the process of removing thatch from a lawn.  It is a professional machine which uses blades, or wires, to cut through the thatch and bring it to the surface.  This thatch is then collected and bagged for your easy removal.
In order to keep our costs down, we are unable to take bags of thatch away, but can put them on your compost heap, in your recycle bin, or bag up.

Does my lawn needs Scarifying?
Your LawnOrder technician will take a number of core samples from the lawn and check the depth of the thatch. We will then advise you if your lawn needs scarifying. We do recommend that Scarification be carried out regularly.  If your lawn has not been scarified before, or for a few years, it will almost certainly benefit from this procedure.

When do we carry out Scarification?
Scarification is quite an invasive procedure, and we will usually carry it out at the end of the summer months, but before the cold winter, when possible.

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