One of the most important aspects of ensuring your lawn is as good as it can be is mowing the lawn properly.  Most lawn treatment companies leave this vital aspect of lawn care to the homeowner, which is fine, if you have the proper equipment and time.

One of the biggest issue we see at this time of year is lawn scalping, when a lawn is cut very short.  There are a few reasons why this is done:

  1. They want their lawn to look like Wimbledon or Lords.  Remember that sports turf is very different to domestic turf – sports turf is designed to be cut short…domestic turf isn’t.
  2. The lawn is full of weeds and they cut it short to cut the heads off the weeds to make it look better.  The best way to remove weeds is to treat them and kill them off.  Cutting them only brings them back again.
  3. Cutting it short means you may not need to cut it so often.  This is usually why people cut their lawns short, but scalping a lawn is bad for the grass plant.  It weakens the grass, causes disease and moss to develop, and invites weeds to invade.

So what can you do.

  1. Raise the height of your cut to 1.5 inches
  2. Make sure your mower blade is sharp
  3. Cut regularly – weekly if possible

Better still, ask the experts to do it for you.  LawnOrder not only looks after the health of your lawn, by offering a programme of weed and feed treatments, but we provide on-going care for the lawn too, with weekly or bi weekly mowing available.

Going on holiday?  We also offer one off cuts while you are away so your lawn doesn’t look like a meadow on your return.