One of the drivers for me to venture in to the lawn care market is the question of lawn care or lawn treatment.

If you go to a garden centre or DIY store and buy some ‘over the counter’ lawn feed, take it home and slap it on your lawn, are you treating it or caring for it?  If you scalp the lawn every few weeks with a hover mower (other mowers are available) are you really caring for your lawn?  Does your current lawn care company (usually part of a large franchised business) actually care about your lawn, or do they just treat it?

A lawn care company should do just that – care!

That doesn’t mean turn up, chuck some unknown chemical on it and leave without talking to you.  It doesn’t mean trying to sell you treatments you don’t need. It also doesn’t mean not caring about how your lawn actually looks.

LawnOrder cares about your lawn. Based in Flintshire, North Wales, we will feed it, we will weed it, we will do what we can to improve the health of the lawn.  But we will also care for it, with weekly or biweekly mowing and edging.  That means you get a beautiful lawn, and it is maintained without you having to do anything…except enjoy it.

That is what a lawn care company should do… that is what LawnOrder will do.



LawnOrder – Bringing Order to Your Lawn